Handmade Clothes For Dogs: Sustainably Minded Non-Profit Sets Dog Fashion Trends

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Mister Migs Announces Your Career Unleashed (YCU) Scholarship Program

Today, Atlanta-based non-profit Mister Migs launches YCU, Your Career Unleashed, an innovative scholarship program designed to break down employment barriers for youth with autism and developmental disabilities ages 18-26. 

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YCU Ribbon Cutting…a day to celebrate!

By MG Mauney

It was a big day at Mister Migs yesterday! Mayor Frank Auman of Tucker, Georgia and Georgia State Representative Michele Henson were the guests of honor for our ribbon-cutting event to celebrate the launch of YCU, Your Career Unleashed. YCU is a program to help young adults with autism and developmental disabilities get the skills they need to succeed in the workplace.

“We’re having fun, but we’re focused on learning,” President Karen Lynn explained. The learning includes every aspect of a business, geared to the interests and skills of our young adults. It can include marketing, operations, professionalism practice, customer service, and many other work skills that are important for any workplace.”

“This is the true entrepreneurial spirit,” said Mayor Auman. “In government we need to help pave the way for things like this. But to make it happen, it takes someone like Ms. Karen and the Mister Migs team.”

That’s what we do at Mister Migs, Dog Gear for Good!---We make it happen! We unleash careers and power futures!

Here’s the scoop from the WGSN Team on the latest pet trends worldwide

By M.G. Mauney

According to WGSN, international trend forecasting authority, pets are part of our family today and we are naturally extending our wellness mindset to them too. Aromatherapy, massage, dietary supplements, superfoods, and natural/holistic medicine sound like something for human wellness. But these trends are also gaining popularity among pet owners who want a more natural approach to healthcare for their furry family members

In fact, WGSN notes that even vets are beginning to use these methods, who cite these trends as natural-based approaches that are kinder than harsh, chemically-based treatments.

WGSN reports that pet symptoms such as anxiety, chronic pain, and immune issues are being treated with homeopathic methods. Some examples are using peppermint oil to help with stomach issues and using chamomile, balms and butters for skin problems. Some pet parents are even experimenting with Reiki, a Japanese spiritual practice that claims to harness healing energy.

On the more scientific side, WGSN reports that pet trends include an increased use of pheromones, sold in forms of sprays and drops, to help manage pet behavior and health issues. Another trend is an increase in the use of nutritional supplements and probiotics for pets with dietary or digestive needs, or for dogs with joint and bone problems. And now there are also powders, mixes, and blends galore of Superfood products for dogs and cats, loaded with nutrients and promises to boost your pet’s health to the max.

On the more scientific side, WGSN reports that pet trends include an increased use of pheromones, sold in forms of sprays and drops, to help manage pet behavior and health issues. Another trend is an increase in the use of nutritional supplements and probiotics for pets with dietary or digestive needs, or for dogs with joint and bone problems. And now there are also powders, mixes, and blends galore of Superfood products for dogs and cats, loaded with nutrients and promises to boost your pet’s health to the max.

What do you think Migs fans? Would you, could you, have you tried some of these new and natural trends for your pet? Share your stories!

It was a PAWfect day at PAWfest 2016!

By M.G. Mauney

Mister Migs takes the runway at PAWfest2016! At noon the crowd gathered under the trees to watch the Mister Migs Ambassadorables strut down the flag-lined USA runway. Our canine models looked fabulous in their Dog Gear for Good, raising awareness not only about our gear but about the good it does for young adults with autism, developmental disabilities, and other barriers to employment.


Designs from three collections were featured:  Migrubbie Denim and Tees, Dog Gone West, and Be Mine Date Night.  Special thanks to our Ambassadorables: Bart, Louey, Walter, Chanel, Sammy, Sophie, Reno, Wicket, Tallulla, Naomi, Minnie Pearl, Precious, Mocha, Maximillian, Sparkles and Otis. Thank You to our wonderful volunteers, human models and parents who were part of the show.

Mister Migs sends a shout out to the Grayson Queens and Sweethearts who served as our special Ambassadors at PAWfest 2016!

We were happy to be part of this wonderful community event that supported the Gwinnett Humane Society and commemorated“Be Kind To Animals” week – a week dedicated to promoting humane awareness throughout the country.

It was a beautiful day at Briscoe Park for all

Celebrate National Pet Week. Rescue!

By M. G. Mauney

It’s National Pet Week, and that’s a big deal for Mister Migs! All pets are the best pets to us, but we’d like to take this opportunity to talk about rescue pets in particular. If you’re in the market for a new four-legged (or finned, or feathered) family member, we recommend you consider rescue and adoption first, and here’s why:

Firstly, there’s no shortage of strays and shelter animals who need homes. According to statistics by the ASPCA, about 7.6 million animals enter US shelters each year. Of these, only about 2.7 million are adopted, and less than a million are picked up by their owners. This leaves the majority of them still homeless, and the fate that awaits them is sadly all too often a grim one. Adopting a shelter animal will almost certainly save their life. The animals, somehow, seem aware of this; many owners of a rescue claim that their pet is exceptionally loving, almost as if they are grateful.

Some people worry that a shelter pet may come with problems. While this may be true, the same applies to any animal. Contrary to popular belief most animals at a shelter aren’t there because they were problems, but because of human situations. Common examples are the family is moving or going through a rough financial patch.

Likewise, the reason shelter pets are not adopted is seldom due to a flaw on their part, but simply because there are so many of them. The youngest, cutest ones are usually the only ones that people adopt. What’s more, many shelter pets were previously owned by someone else and thus previously trained. I used to volunteer at a shelter and can personally attest that many of the dogs are already house-trained.

A shelter pet is also less expensive. Dogs bought from pet stores or breeders can cost a mint. Not only are the adoption fees at shelters very affordable, they also may cover services such as spaying/neutering, micro-chipping, and the first round of vaccinations. Wow! What a bargain! In fact, this makes adopting a shelter animal even a better bargain than taking in a stray off the streets and then buying all these services for them.

If you have a more exotic pet in mind than a cat or dog, rescue is still an option. A quick Google can reveal rescues in your state for snakes, lizards, ferrets, birds, chinchillas, rabbits, rodents, farm animals, and any number of other unusual pets looking for a family to call their own. Some rescue organizations are even willing to transport animals across state lines to reach their new homes!

Most valuable of all, you get to know that you saved the life of a pet in need. We at Mister Migs applaud all rescue pet parents and would like to give a special shout-out to our rescued Ambassadorables: Louey, MiMee, Hazel, Harper Jane, and of course, our own Mister Migs!

Join us on Sunday, June 12, at the 16thAnnual Animal Rescue Fair (ARF2016) in Wills Park Equestrian Center, Alpharetta, GA. It’s a mega pet adoption where over 50 rescues and humane societies bring out their adoptable pets searching for that special home. It’s free and fun! Please visit www.animalrescuefair.org for more information. Celebrate National Pet Week and go rescue your next adorable pet!

See you there!

The Marietta Muttropolitan debuts Mister Migs BE MINE FOREVER Collection!

by Mary Grace Mauney

The Marietta Muttropolitan Pet Fashion show was amazing! Mister Migs debuted our new bridal-inspired line of canine couture, Be Mine Forever, inspired by wedding processions and parties.

The audience welcomed our first model with a resounding, “AWWW” as Otis, our “flower boy,” took the stage. He was a sight to see--a big beautiful black and white American Bulldog wearing saddlebags full of cascading flowers!

George the Terrier and yours truly were next up in line-up. George was so distinguished in his pet tux as our “Father of the bride.” We were followed by Leia, a red Boxer, our bridesmaid adorned in tapestry and satin; Wicket, the groom, debonair in a bow tie and tux, and of course, our finale finish--our bride, Sparkles! Sparkles was absolutely adorable in her lace, tapestry, and sheer organza, complete with a sheer lace hood and balloon skirted vest!

It was an honor to escort George, and an honor to be a part of the show which benefited PAWsitive Supporters and Cooper’s Cupboard, two charity organizations who help take care of our homeless and shelter pets and the families of pets who need food assistance.

Thank you to all our wonderful Ambassadorable models, their amazing pet parents, our beautiful human escorts, and to Ali and Susan of the Marietta Muttropolitan for inviting Mister Migs to be in this fun and fashionable event!

A special thanks to everyone who came out to support Mister Migs, Dog Gear for Good! We hope you enjoyed the show.

Check out our video below...

Surprises in store from Mister Migs for the Marietta Muttro Show!

by Mary Grace Mauney

Mister Migs Ambassadorables get ready to strut their stuff in a new Mister Migs collection at the Marietta Muttropolitan Pet Fashion Show!

Mister Migs started 2016 with a fabulous trunk show in January at Sophie’s Uptown in Buckhead. Now we go north to our followers and fans in Marietta as we get ready to take the stage in Marietta’s Theater in the Square for the annual Marietta Muttropolitan Pet Fashion Show benefit!

The Mister Migs showcase will feature our latest collection, BE MINE FOREVER. I talked to our Master Pet Tailor and designer, Rosemary Hopper, to get the scoop on what Mister Migs is creating for the show:

According to Rosemary, “BE MINE FOREVER is inspired by wedding processions, flower girls, bridesmaids, the father of the bride, and of course, the bride and groom.” Rosemary stated, “We have crafted some of the most exquisite details on this gear including lapels and lace, tucking, antique floral prints and, Oh my! beautiful color!” 

“We’ve been wanting to do a bridal collection for a long time,” she says, “But we also wanted to create something memorable and unique.” What this means is a mystery she has yet to reveal, but whatever Rosemary and the design team have in store, it’s sure to be spectacular.

What’s more, it will benefit two great causes, Pawsitive Supporters and Cooper’s Cupboard. Pawsitive Supporters is a non-profit group dedicated to helping homeless and shelter animals in Cobb County. Cooper’s Cupboard is a local non-profit pet food pantry that provides temporary pet food assistance to families in need.

Come and see the BE MINE FOREVER collection at the Marietta Muttropolitan Pet Fashion Show on February 27th at the Marietta Theatre in the Square! For more information and tickets: