Denim Dogs Fashion Blast Ambassadorable: Franky the Training Dog

By M.G.Mauney

Meet Franky, a former bundle of trouble turned trick dog, one of our DogStars for the Mister Migs Denim Dogs Fashion Blast!


Franky the Rat Terrier is a Certified Trick Dog (CTD) who teaches other dogs how to do tricks! He and his mom work as a dog-training team at the Canine Country Academy in metro Atlanta.  Franky is the “demo dog” that shows student dogs how to perform various tricks and trials as they train through each step.

Intelligence and high-energy are standard for Rat Terriers and Franky is no exception. When Franky was a just a pup his mom realized that Franky needed challenge and thus channeled his energy into learning tricks.  He went from problem pooch to a happy and fun Franky. Many dogs are left at shelters simply because their owners do not realize that all they need is a positive and fun outlet for their high energy. Today, Franky knows and performs over 15 different commands and is certified by the Kyra Sundance Team, the official sanctioning and organizing body for the sport of dog tricks.

hula hoop

Some of Franky’s favorite tricks are spinning on command and leaping over, through and under various objects, hoops and platforms.  Franky is also trained to find specific scents on command like drug detection dogs or search and rescue dogs. Franky can run agility courses too which he loves to do just for fun!


Franky’s mom realized that since trick-training worked so well with Franky that she and Franky would try to help other dogs too.  She’s now earned the Bronze Medal Trainer Award and holds the Certified Behavior Consultant Canine-Knowledge Assessed (CBDT-KA) certification. She and Franky are even working with some of our DogStars for the Mister Migs Denim Dogs Fashion Blast this November. Come meet Franky, the dog-training dog, to see tricks and experience a real treat!

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