Pet Safety Flood Tip

Dog flood

by Mary Grace Mauney

Last time we talked about getting your pets through a natural disaster, it pertained to tornados. This time, it’s about floods.

-Be prepared. Have a plan and an emergency kit for your pet. This kit should include two weeks supply of food, clean water, and any medications that your pet requires. It should also have first aid supplies, leashes, and carrying cases for your pet, as well as their vaccination records and pictures of them in case you become separated and need to identify your pet as yours at a shelter. Clean-up supplies (plastic bags, etc.) and towels or a bed are also recommended.

-Keep extra pet supplies in your car.

-Keep pets on a leash with you, but do not leave them tethered or crated without you.

-During the flood, do not have your pets tethered, crated, or otherwise restrained.

-Never leave pets home alone if you are in a flood watch area or during a flood.

-Make plans ahead of time with a neighbor, friend, or family member to take care of your pets in the event that you cannot take them with you during an evacuation

-Water that is safe for adults to walk through may wash away pets (or children!) and can also contain hidden dangers, such as snakes, contaminants, or sharp things they might step on.

-Be careful allowing animals outside even when the flood has passed. There may be sharp or toxic debris, and the changes in scent and landmarks may be disorient them. They could become lost or hurt, so keep an eye on them!

-During or after the crisis, your pet may become aggressive, protective, fearful, or otherwise change its behavior. Be sensitive to these changes and to your pet’s needs, whether that means giving them more space or extra hugs, pats, etc. Pets need comforting too!